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About this mod

Adds new recipes to upgrade sprinklers to the next tier (eg. Quality into Iridium).

Permissions and credits
Update your old sprinklers! New in v1.1, config options!

Player Config Options
- Choose how many Sprinklers it takes to craft next tier of Sprinklers.
- Default is 2 for Quality, 3 for Iridium.
- Choose which Farming Skill level is required to unlock the alternate recipes.
- Options: 0 through 10. Default is 6 for Quality, 9 for Iridium.
- Choose which extra material is required to craft the Sprinkler.
- Options: None, Bar, Other. Default is Bar for Quality, Other for Iridium.
> Bar means Gold for Quality or Iridium for Iridium.
> Other means Refined Quartz for Quality or Battery Pack for Iridium.

How to Install
1. Install the Latest Version of SMAPI.
2. Download and Extract the Content Patcher mod into your Stardew Valley/Mods folder.
3. Download the file then extract the contents in your Stardew Valley/Mods folder.
> If you're using Steam, you can easily find your mods folder by going into your Steam Library, right click on Stardew Valley, click 'Manage', then 'Browse local files'. This will take you to your Stardew Valley directory that will have the mods folder there. That is where you will extract the contents of your mods.
> Configure the config.json file with your preferred options. Or use Generic Mod Config Menu or similar (requires Game restart to enact all changes).
4. Run the game.

- Should work in both Multiplayer and SinglePlayer.
- SMAPI 3.9.1, Content Patcher 1.20.0, and Stardew Valley 1.5.3

- I do not guarantee any future updates, compatibility, etc.
- Source code lives on GitHub

My other mods
- Adjustable Fertilizer
- Choose how much Fertilizer to create when crafting.
- More Wild Bait
- Increases number of Wild Bait crafted.
- Adds alternate Wild Bait recipe
- Qi Sprinklers
- Adds a new Sprinkler after Iridium that combines the effects of Pressure Nozzles and Enrichers.
- Adds Click to Activate to default Sprinklers, including the Qi Sprinkler.

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