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Adds red pandas. They make maple syrup (I promise it kind of makes sense sort of).

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Red Pandas, wahs, firefoxes, dem grabby pull-up-doin'-bois. Whatever you call them. They eat maple leaves among other things. I wanted to add an animal that was kind of exotic but not overly wild. So I added these for my first mod that actually adds content. As such, you now get wahs that spend 4 days eating maple leaves, building up enough syrup to fill a jug every 4 days by being messy eaters.

Raw Gameplay rundown:
Cost: 6200 Gold
Housing: Big Barn or better
Aging: 5 days to adult (sprite will not change, but they are aging I promise!)
Production: One (1) Jug of Maple Syrup every four (4) days


Q: Do they really eat maple leaves mechanically in game?
A: If I could have made that a thing I would have but no, they eat hay and tall grass like any other livestock.

Q: Why is this necessary?
A: It's not! But tappers are a pain in the butt and super slow, especially for how much you can need things like pine tar and syrup if you're operating at late-game scale.

Q: Why do they make seagull noises?
A: It's the closest sound to red panda twittering (yes, the noise they make is called "twittering") I could find in the game's soundbank. I don't know how to add sounds.

Inside the rar is a folder called "[BFAV] Red Pandas". Just drop that
folder in your Stardew Installation's "mods" folder. That's it!

As far as I can tell, none! Feel free to prove me wrong though! I'll gladly add them here if I can't find a way to resolve them!

TrentXV for the sprites I used as a starting point.
Pathoschild, on the SDV Discord for their help and patience.
Everybody responsible for the mods that this one requires.
ConcernedApe for SDV.