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Issues a grant to the town of Stardew Valley, allowing Lewis to replace all of the missing flagstones in the town square.

Permissions and credits
In-Universe Blurb:

We've all seen it: the town square of Stardew Valley is missing quite a few flagstones.  Whether or not you find this frustrating is up to personal opinion, but the fact remains that Lewis is either too lazy, preoccupied or the town is simply to poor, to replace all of those flagstones.

By the power invested in me by The SMAPI Foundation, in cooperation with the International Content Patcher Fund, I've issued a grant to the town of Stardew Valley for the purpose of replacing all of the missing flagstones.  Mayor Lewis has contacted this office and assures me that by the time you return to Stardew Valley, the repairs will have already been completed.

Real-World Blurb:

This mod changes the tileset index for certain tiles on the following maps:

  • Town.tmx
  • Town-EggFestival.tmx
  • Town-Halloween.tmx
  • Town-Fair.tmx
  • Town-Christmas.tmx
It modifies the tiles at the following coordinates:
  • 8,54 (all)
  • 20,47 (all)
  • 21,55 (all)
  • 29,59 (all, except -Halloween)
  • 49,48 (all)
  • 48,55 (all)
  • 35,66 (all, except -Eggfestival, -Fair and -Christmas)
  • 23,71 (all, except -Eggfestival, -Fair and -Christmas)
  • 28,77 (all)
  • 52,81 (all)
  • 38,81 (all)
  • 29,83 (all)
  • 13,90 (all)
  • 27,75 (-Christmas only)
  • 30,75 (-Christmas only)

If you are using a mod that changes the index of any of these tiles, take care as it could produce a conflict.