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tired of the overload of keg houses-i mean sheds on your farm? look no further, here is a basic slime hutch interior expansion using Content Patcher!

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i got tired of having so many sheds to house my kegs/preserve jars on my farm, and i personally never use the slime hutch, so i created a basic vanilla expansion of the slime hutch interior! the interior remains the same, but as i said i don't use the slime hutch for its intended purpose so i went ahead and removed the water troughs. i am fairly new at creating mods, and this is the first one i have shared online, so please be nice! and if you encounter any issues, if you just have feedback, or if you would like to make a suggestion for the next update, please feel free to leave a comment and i will take a look. 

  • requires SMAPI and Content Patcher

install instructions

  • download [CP] BigHutch.zip
  • unzip into your Mods folder (for more detailed instructions visit the wiki page here)
  • Enjoy!

  • due to this being a Content Patcher mod, it is not compatible with any other mod that modifies the file SlimeHutch map in the game folders.

features i am working on for future updates
  • putting in an update key
  • adding a version with the water troughs
mods seen in screenshot