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Replaces most wallpapers and floors with retextures using simple recolors or resources from the game itself.

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Yet another mod to change the wallpapers and floorings one uses to decorate their houses and shed.
Thought I might as well share it. 

This one replaces not all of them but most.
Either they are recolors of vanilla ones to offer more variety or use resources from other tilesheets.
Sometimes only the bar at the bottom was switched to a darker version.
The ones that were not touched or only had their bar changed kept their original position so it might seem a bit unsorted.

Your house might look a little funky if you never changed the base walls and floors :')

This mod works with 1.5 of SDV.
SMAPI and Content Patcher are needed to run it.

I only upload on and do not approve of uploads on other sites without my permission.


How to install:
You need Content Patcher and SMAPI for this to work.
1. Download
2. Unzip
3. Paste into your Stardew Valley/Mods folder

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Some credits to mods visible in the screenshots:
Elle's Kitchen Repalcement
diverse item replacement mods by cometkins