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Replaces one of the pet dog options with a red heeler / red Australian cattle dog.

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This mod retextures one of the pet dogs so that it looks like a red heeler, or red Australian cattle dog, inspired by my grandparents' dog Dusty. You can set which of the three vanilla dogs it replaces (dog, the gold floppy-eared dog; dog1, the pointy-eared dark brown dog; or dog2, the tan floppy-eared dog) for compatibility with mods like Cats and Dogs that allow multiple pets, and you can select a choice of seven different coloured collars (or no collar!) and whether or not the collar has a tag. Please see the options image for reference!

1) Download the mod, extract the "[CP] Red Heeler Dog Retexture" folder, and drop it in your Mods folder.
2) By default, the dog will replace the first dog option and will not have a collar. If you want a different option, run the game once with the mod installed to generate a config.json file in the mod folder.
3) Open the config.json and edit the options you'd like.

"WhichDog" - choices: dog, dog1, dog2
"CollarColour" - choices: none, black, white, red, yellow, green, blue, purple
"CollarTag" - choices: true, false

I used whitebalverines' blue heeler / blue Australian cattle dog in their Australian Dog Pack mod as a base outline for my work. Thanks very much for the permission!

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