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A portrait pack featuring the men of SDV. Includes all of the bachelors and townies. Now getting a style revamp!

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With the release of SDV 1.6, I thought it'd be prudent to return to this pack and give it a fresh new coat of paint!

As was the case on its first iteration, the focus of this pack is to provide portrait replacers for the men of Pelican aiming to interpret them in a more masculine/mature yet still colorful light. Expect people to look a bit more uhh...hefty. (The exception here being the kids, mind you)

I'm gonna be releasing each townie's portraits in batches of five, each batch containing one bachelor, until I complete the whole cast. It's gonna take me a while (like the first time around where it took me about a year to get to everyone) so please bear with me if your favorite dude is still missing; I'll get to him EVENTUALLY.

Note that the portraits have a brown color outlining them. This is an intentional stylistic choice. It serves as a drop shadow that'll make more sense once you see it in-game.

Currently included in the revamped pack:

Includes beach & winter variants where appropriate
*Supports Stardew Valley Expanded

-1.0- Initial upload! Shane & Harvey.
-1.1- Added Pierre, Willy, & Sam.
-1.2- Added Kent, Vincent, Marlon, & Elliot.
-1.3- Added Clint, Lewis, Wizard, Gus, Morris, & Alex; redone one portrait for Sam (which I misrepresented the first time)
-1.4- Added Linus, Demetrius, Gunther, George, Leo, Sebastian, Mr. Qi, Gil, Bouncer, & Prof. Snail; tweaked a bunch of older portraits. Oh! Gave the mod a more fitting name.
-1.5- Added Martin & Victor.
-1.6- Revamped edition! Added all new versions of Shane, Kent, Pierre, Marlon, & Lewis.

Old Description:

Compliant to my efforts of spending more time making art for SDV than actually playing the game, here I am making portrait mods!

At the moment, the focus for this mod is gonna be the men of Pelican Town, whom I've interpreted in what is hopefully a nice balance between my tastes and the guys' original incarnations.

...okay, I may have leaned more on my tastes here but whatever; I'm literally the artist and can thus do whatever I want!

I don't really see myself doing everyone (these things apparently take a hell of a lot of time!) but we'll see; maybe I'll trick myself into doing it eventually. Whatever the case, I'll be sure to update this as more get done. In the meanwhile, just override the files of your preferred Portraiture set with mine if you want to use it with another's.

Currently included in the pack:
-The Wizard*
-Mr. Qi
-Prof. Snail

SVE Exclusives:

Includes beach variants where appropriate
*Supports Stardew Valley Expanded

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