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Touch-up to the new golden chickens to make them look more golden and less plain yellow.

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Stardew Valley 1.5 Spoilers!!



I was so excited to finally get the golden chickens, but when I saw what they look like, my reaction was: "Those are just normal, yellow chickens!"

I decided I needed to change their appearance until my brain would think "golden" instead of "yellow" whenever I saw them.

I kept the changes subtle.  I wanted them to look like chickens with golden feathers, not chickens made of pure gold.  (Someone else already made that mod a while ago...  search for "golden chickens")

I also edited the baby chicken images, but it's really hard to see the differences, so I decided to not bother with a screenshot.

This is a content patcher mod, so you'll need content patcher for it to work.

To install:

First make sure you have content patcher installed.  Then copy this mod into your mods folder.