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About this mod

This mod adds 60+ marriage dialogues, 20+ normal dialogues and 10+ dialogues for the villagers.
It also includes a few letters sent to you by Elliott!
Translation to Portuguese available.

Permissions and credits

Allie's Dialogue Expansion for Elliott

Ever felt hesitant of marrying Elliott a second time due to his overly used dialogues?
 If you'd like a little bit more of surprise, immersion, cute dialogues and personality for Elliott, I definitely feel like this mod would be fit for you. My mod includes cute dialogues to make your heart flutter, letters and poems sent to you, dialogues for other townsfolk that mention your engagement to Elliott and I hope that, in the future, there will be events as well!

It was a really fun experience and I gave my very best to make this, I hope you enjoy it :)
Thanks for checking my mod!

Writing Style

(Spoiler warning!)

I tried my best imitating Elliott's romantic and skilled way of speech but I don't think I'm much of a good writer.
In case you want to know what my writing style looks like, here are a few examples of Elliott's dialogues:

  •  "The Spirit's Eve is such an extraordinary festival! I could write pages discussing about it's origins and
  • traditions. This festival is beyond doubt my favorite of the year."
  • "I just had plenty of ideas for my next book. Life on farm has been much more inspirational than I had imagined. It may be the simplicity of life that brings the most complex ideas."
  • "Would you still love me if I cut my hair? If you didn't already marry me solely because of my hair, that is."
  • "Oh, to feel the sweet ambrosial aroma of pomegranates early in the
  • morning. Planting an entire orchard of pomegranates suddenly doesn't seem a bad idea."
  • "The floral-scented breeze of spring is inspiring me for a new story. Will you be fine without me, darling?"
  • Adding the 5 events (I've been having lots of trouble with it, unfortunately)
Thanks a lot to Mal, the inspiration for this came from her mod Mal's Sebastian Expansion, which is itself inspired by 10kCats' Marriage Events for Shane
Thanks to Siv for the detailed Custom Event Guide
Header: Vintage Interface V2
Header: Leyalluna's Portraits - Modified by me
Header: Rustic Country Town Interiors

Poems used
Autumn, by Ellis Nightingale

Sunset, by Ellis Nightingale
Apple Trees, by Ellis Nightingale (changed to Pomegranate Trees)
The Sea, the Sea, by D. H. Lawrence
Two quotes from a guy called J. Wolf

Events (SOON!)
(Spoiler warning!)


Always remember: beach hermit husband is best husband.