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Replaces all skin colors with more ethnically friendly options.

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Hello! As a person of colour, I was shocked when I found Stardew Valley had barely any ethnically diverse skin tone options for the player. Because of that, I decided to make my own Content Patcher mod with better diverse options, especially considering how much the modded community was lacking in it. Installation should be as simple as exporting the .zip into the Mods file. Please let me know if there's any loading errors!

Notes and Known Issues:

In the first version of the mod, which still works, there are also fantasy colours and I may make a new fantasy-only skin colour pack, though right now I'm just sticking with human colours because I was struggling a lot when doing the recent update. The old pack's colours are very oversaturated due to my old device's poor monitor, these should be mostly fixed in the new version. 

The updated colour pack can still seem a bit oversaturated even though I tried to make it less so; this is due to several reasons, the main one being Stardew not interacting with the colour in the files properly for some reason, and also to try to fit in a bit better with the world (low saturation can stand out against the setting and I kept dealing with an issue of true skin tones looking gray). As a result I couldn't make many true cool undertones. I apologize for this, they were initially in my plan but were near impossible to add in a way that looked good. 

No known large mod conflicts - though it should be noted you can only use one skin colour mod at a time.