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Sick heelies for the homie. Use this mod for a solid - but not game breaking - speed boost, and coast with the most.

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When you engage (space by default) your heelies while walking, you'll get a medium speed boost, and slowly decelerate while holding. Release to start walking again.
You can't use your heelies while on your horse, slimed, or tipsy (safety first!)

You need SMAPI 3.9.0 or higher to run this!

(run once to create the config file)

As of 0.2.0:
  • heeliesButton (default "Space"): button for using your new kicks. Comma-separate for multiple bindings, like "Space, RightTrigger"
  • initialSpeedBoost (default 3.5): how hard you kick off. I like 3.5 cause it doesn't feel like a HUGE boost, but you can go nuts. I like 4 as well but maybe you're braver