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Adds pet house for your... pet of course.

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Adds penthouse for your pets.


About this mod:
This is a Json Asset mod. It adds pet house for your pet. It has seasonal immersion (Requires Content Patcher). Credit to Taelende for the original tilesheet.

What's New:
  • Released
  • Starblue Valley patch automatically.

  1. Install SMAPI and Json Asset and their dependencies if requested. Optionally install Content Patcher for the immersion mod.
  2. If this is your first installation, skip this step. Before placing the mod into "Mods" folder, deleting old mod file is recommended to avoid some problems.
  3. Unzip this mod paste it into "Mods" folder.
  4. Done

  1. Delete the mod.
  2. Done.

This Mod Contains:
  • Default (Seasonal immersion available).
  • Starblue Valley Patch (Seasonal immersion available).
  • Pet bowl replacement (Seasonal immersion available).

Crafting: 20 Woods each (see Notes). Recipes and complete set can be bought at Robin's.

Optional Files:
  • Seasonal Immersion for both the Default and Starblue pet house.

The Immersion mod has 2 config
  • Petbowl: Replaces the default petbowl.
  • Starblue Valley Patch: Make the mod visually compatible with Starblue Valley

  • Because it is considered as Big Craftables and not Furniture the pet house is divided to 4 parts. It will occupy 4 tiles of area.
  • If you are using Generic Mod Config Menu the config can be changed at title screen.

Planned Updates:
  • Use Bigger Craftables and still be seasonally immersive. Still figuring out for now.

This mod is only available only on NexusMods, Moddrop or Playstarbound Forum (if available) under "Warilized" username.