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For some reason the original tapper sprite always bothered me, so I made a smaller one with a copper bucket.

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This mod replaces the sprite for the tapper to have a smaller copper bucket with a wooden handle. Unfortunately it is not compatible with Starblue Valley. I was able to confirm that the mod works through the logs, but Starblue Valley overwrites the sprites from this mod. I think it is because Starblue Valley uses Content Patcher's overlay system to create season variants for the craftables. This means that any similar mods should also be incompatible. You can get around this issue by opening the assets folder for whichever mod you are using the finding any images named something similar to "craftables" (such as "craftables_fall.png" from Starblue Valley) and editing the image using software like Paint.NET or Photoshop. If you copy the entire sprite the correct position on the craftables image would be X:16, Y:416. Depending on how the mod you use was designed you may simply wish to delete the sprite from the images instead. Perhaps in the future I might look into how Starblue Valley handled seasonal sprites to see if I can create a compatibility version, but for now this solution will have to do.