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Improves the standard Stardew Valley quarry.

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Improves the standard Stardew Valley quarry.
Spawns set number of ores, gems, geode nodes in the quarry every day (if there are available spawnable tiles). Chances for all items are customizable.

While v1.2 added an option to configure the spawn chances for each ore separately, for the sake of balance I don't reccomend using it. Also keep in mind that config shows only the base chances that are further modified by defferent factors in game.
For better experience reccomended using together with "Mining with Explosives" mod.
If you want similar functionality for the farm quarry check "Mining at the Farm".


Install the latest version of SMAPI
Unpack the downloaded zip file and place it's contents into the Mods folder
Tweak the configs to your liking. If there is no config file or you want to reset all settings to default, delete existing config file and the next time you load the game a new config will be created.
Play the game.