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A 15x15 greenhouse with designated areas for trees.

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An extended 15x15 greenhouse with space for 9 iridium sprinklers, and 8 or 14 fruit trees.

Content Patcher to replace the greenhouse

Install the latest version of SMAPI
Install Content Patcher
Download the mod and unzip it into Stardew Valley/Mods
Run the game once using SMAPI to generate a config.json file
Open the config.json file with your preferred text editor and pick the layout you want (Regular for 8 trees, Expanded for 14)

Make sure to clear out any crops or fruit trees currently in your greenhouse before installing.
Anything left in the greenhouse will be shifted, though you may still be able to access it.
Better safe than sorry.

Not compatible with any mods that change the interior layout of the greenhouse (Such as other expanded greenhouse mods)