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Makes the coin i lost in the mountains visible in the profit screen. (Just in Spring)

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First of all, please dont be rude in the comments, making a coin proportional to the view of the mountains in a space of 1x1 pixels was challenge in itself.

I can´t explain what i was doing in the mountains and i dont plan to go back for the coin.
I made this mod for myself, but i tought to share with people.

The coin is only visible in Spring (i think), is not visible on Summer or fall because i think is covered in leaves or branches.
I can try to make it visible in Winter tho.

It should be compatible with any other mod, as i took my time to make it an "overlay" mod. (so it doesnt affect the base art of the game or other mods)

Much love and i hope you are having a great day! you deserve it! <3