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A custom standard farm designed for organization as well as to fit everything a player may wish to build.

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This farm is quite simple. What you see in the screenshots is what you get. When you run the game for the first time a config file should generate. There is only one option which allows you to switch between the version of the farm with all of the markers and the details in the animal fields when false and the version with none of that when true. I figured this should be good for people with trypophobia, but should also be nice for anybody who wants to organize their farm differently from how I planned my own when making this. This mod should be compatible with any custom caves so long as the entrance position is the same as it is for the default farm cave. Unfortunately the default placement for the cabins is not very good, but I did the best I could. The default positions are in various places where I planned to put obelisks or sheds. They can be seen in the screenshot where the paths layer is visible. This mod was designed with version 1.5 of the game in mind and may not be compatible with earlier versions as 1.5 allows players to move the greenhouse and default shipping bin. 1.5 also allows players to place furniture outdoors, so with that in mind I did not decorate the farm. Preliminary testing has not made clear any problems which have yet to be corrected, however if any problems become clear as you play with this mod please let me know so that I may fix them. I have no played 1.5 yet other than for some basic testing and so changes may be made in the future as I experience the new content in the update. All screenshots were taken in Tiled, not in game.