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Tweaks vanilla portraits to get rid of portrait awkwardness. Tweaks Sandy's skin colour to make her more immersive.

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"Help, Sandy is just too light to have lived in the Calico Desert for her whole life! Her dress freaks me out!"
"Penny's hair changing shape completely when she directly looks at me is freaky! I don't like it!"
"Elliot's shirt makes no sense!"
"Marnie would totally look better with green eyes. I mean, doesn't everyone think she would totally look better with green eyes?"
"It's been years since Joja shut down and Shane is still wearing that hoodie! This is ruining how immersive he is for me!"

Do you find yourself thinking these things? Look no further, my modding friend, than More Immersive Portrait Tweak! A mod designed to answer your problems. 

More characters to be added at a later date, by request or by simple whim of the creator. 

Update Log: 

1.0.0. - Mod uploaded.
1.1.0. - Adds Shane with cleaned up hoodie (options to enable or disable his "beard"). Adds GenericModConfigMenu support. Adds config.json file.


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