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Speed up cutscenes

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This mod is fairly simple, it makes events faster.

The player walks faster, the NPCs walk faster, they stop pausing for so long, emotes play faster.

This is a must have if you don't give a whiff about NPCs crawling around with canes and don't care about anything but the dialogue.
The scenes will still play, but they'll play fast.

You can see the video in Media for an example.


EmotionSpeed: 30

This is a multiplier on how fast emotions play.

EventSpeed: 5

This is a multiplier on how fast events play, this really only effects walk speed.

MaxPause: 300

This is the max amount of time the game will pause during an event, the pause is used for stuff like "Heavy sigh... <5 seconds later> I guess you're right".

This shouldn't be lowered beyond 300 because pause does matter in some events and can bug them out.