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This is a simple fix to merge Razolyn and unique children in smapi, you need the other two mods, and use this for overwrite unique children

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objective of the unofficial mod fix is ​​to fix the problem in uniquechildren that tries 65 times to find a baby for the magician but it does not exist since this is a boy and not marryable in vanilla, in this way abigail's baby has been duplicated for razolyn, it is not only copypaste, I have managed to make it work and not error, who knows the history of the magician knows why I have made this solution in this way, is compatible with all translations in the razolyn side

as i checked i dont necessarily need to update this compatibility to work with the latest version of unique children as i dont touch the mod i just add the missing but i highly recommend waiting for i update to avoid issues, each version is stipulated for which version is made, -> 0.0 is unique children - 0.0 <- is razolyn = UC->0.0-0.0<-R

Download and overwrite nothing more