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A big greenhouse with space for 96 trees and 900 crops. If you are running All The Crop Mods, this mod will have enough space for all the trees, and 5 each for all the multi-season vine and trellis crops.

Permissions and credits
  • 96 Tree spots (4 times 24)
  • 900 Crop spots (4 times 15x15)
  • A canal to refill your watering can
  • You can till the area around the canal to plant rice and modded teas! (And other modded crops that require close proximity to water).

Planned Features:
  • Spa for energy regeneration
  • Dirt so you can plant cave carrots and voidshrooms if you're running Dwarvish!
  • Some decorations
  • Maybe one of the corners could be for vanilla tea? Idk I plant that stuff around the canal. Or it could be for more water crops.