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Content pack for new vanilla additions and PPJA crops and fruit artisan goods in Better Artisan Good Icons style.

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This content pack adds color variety to pickles, jellies, wine, juice and honey. Included: 1.4 unmilled rice and tea leaves, 1.5 taro root, banana, mango, pineapple and pickled ginger, and PPJA Fruits and Veggies, and More Trees fruits, veggies, herbs and nuts. Also Mizu's Flowers honeys. [mod is missing Qi Fruit Jelly and Wine for the time being.]

This content pack is specifically an addition to Better Artisan Good Icons in a similar style, so you'll need that for this to work.

The .zip file contains two folders, one with all PPJA stuff, one with just the vanilla additions. If you don't want the PPJA icons (don't use the mods, maybe?) just unzip the vanilla one to your /Mods. The original BAGI mod should update sometime in the future with the vanilla stuff, so you can just delete my version's folder in time.

NOTE for a future update: I made these images in (more or less) one go and some of them I feel need adjusting art-wise. This is going to take some time, no ETA for now. I'm slowly fiddling with them all.

Questions, maybe?
- There's a content pack PPJA artisan good icons already! Why this?
~ I prefer this style personally and wanted my game's goods collection to reflect the beautiful colors in the BAGI mod.

- Any issues?
~ I wouldn't be surprised if some crop up, but I tested it and SMAPI put up no frightening red text. So. Looks good.
Json Assets might cause some item ID scrambling. Keep up to date with it, and check its own mod page.

- I just wanted the vanilla ones, don't want to add all that PPJA stuff!
~ That's okay, no need. If you don't have any PPJA stuff installed the game won't react negatively, it'll just use the vanilla ones. But the original will update when the author has time, so either way your stuff is gonna end up looking good.

- Why not have the vanilla and PPJA separate tho?
~ update: I separated them. Now you can pick and choose, or just use both.

- Oh also there's an icon for tea leaf juice...?
~ No worries. There's also icons for wheat and hops juice in original, but you won't see them. The game goes with the green tea as it should.

How to use:
* Just drop the folder to your /Mods. Make sure you got the original ^ too.