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No need to sleep anymore!

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StayUp mod let you work 24 hours per day without collapsing at 2:00 am.
I'm using Omegasis' Night Owl mod before, but it doesn't support 1.5 and multiplayer, so I made this mod.

  • Support Stardew Valley 1.5.
  • Save and jump into a new day at 6:00 am.
  • Keep your and your horse's position automatically.
  • Keep stamina and health. (Disabled by default)
  • Tested in multiplayer. (But not split screen)
  • Supress time shake and tired emote.
  • Morning light transition works with any weather.
  • Smart fish editing for your fishing needs.
  • Fully configurable.

Source Code
Hosted on Github, MIT license. Issues and suggestions are welcome.

  "editFishes": true, // Make fish catchable before dawn
  "keepHealth": false, // Keep health at 6:00 am
  "keepHorse": true, // Keep horse position at 6:00 am
  "keepFarmer": true, // Keep farmer position at 6:00 am
  "keepStamina": false, // Keep stamina at 6:00 am
  "morningLight": 400, // Morning time (430 means 4:30 am, etc. -1 for disable in case you are using Dynamic Night Time or other mods.)
  "morningLightPower": 2.0, // Morning light power, for realism (2 means square, etc. Can be float.)
  "newDayAt6Am": true, // Save game and jump into new day at 6:00 am
  "noTiredEmote": true, // Supress tired emote (Unless you are in bed)
  "noTimeShake": true, // Supress time shake
  "smoothSaving": true, // Fade in and out when saving game
  "stayUp": true // Enable this mod (Don't affect noTiredEmote and noTimeShake)