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Quickly cycle between the Calendar, Daily Quests, Special Orders Board, and Qi's Special Orders anywhere, anytime.

Permissions and credits
  • Press ActivateKey ( default P ) to open your calendar or close any menu. You can use CycleRightKey ( default ] ) and CycleLeftKey ( default [ ) to move between the menus.
  • The order goes like this:
  • <-- Calendar <--> Daily Quests <--> Special Orders Board <--> Qi's Special Orders -->
  • If you only need one cycle key, give both cycle keys the same value in the config file. It will only cycle to the right if you do this.
  • You can use this mod to access the Special Orders Boards before you unlock them, but it's disabled by default.
  • You can disable the calendar and daily quest board.
  • Install the latest version of SMAPI.
  • Extract the zip file into your Mods folder. (You can find the Mods folder using steam by right clicking Stardew Valley, then clicking Properties > Local Files > Browse)

  • config.json can be found inside the zip file.
  • Here's a list of values for the hotkey options, for your keyboard or controller.

[source code and docs on Github <3]


+ Added options to disable calendar and daily quest menus. 
+ Improved efficiency and cleaned up logic for the cycling between menus.

+ Press activate key to open the first menu, then cycle between menus with 1 or 2 cycle keys.
+ Pressing the activate key while a menu is open will exit from the menu.
- You can't disable the any of the menus anymore, for now :(

+ Hotkeys only work while the player is free.

+ Added hotkey for Qi's Special Orders Board, as well as an option to use before it's unlocked.
+ Added config options to disable any of the 4 menu hotkeys.

+ Fixed Vortex download issue for nexus mods
+ Added update key to manifest

+ Added hotkeys for Calendar and Daily Quest menus.

+ UseBeforeUnlocked added to config.

+ Pull up the special orders board with the press of a button! Edit the config file to use a different button. (default: B)