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Crops will start at a higher star quality the more you ship them. Configurable thresholds.

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Ever wished that shipping stats served some purpose other than check how many you sold? How about there was a way to permanently increase a crop's star rating based on something other than rare fertilizers?

This mod makes it so when you ship 250 of a single crop, the crops will always be silver-star quality at least. Ship 500 and they will be gold-star. Ship 1000 and they will always be iridium quality!

Sounds too cheaty for your tastes? Config allows you to change these thresholds to whatever you like, and even disable certain steps if you don't want them. Just place "-1" in a category and it will not use it (so you can disable always-iridium if you find it too good to be true). Place any other positive value to increase the quality based on those shipment values. For instance 1000 as minimum for silver quality.

Also, this mod allows you to keep increasing the prices of a crop in a logarithmic scale if you so wish. Default is after 2000 crop shipped, increases from 25% up to 3.5 times the price at 2 billion crops shipped (good luck with that!). This is, of course, also disableable in the configs.

If you find that multi-produce crops are "leveling up" too quickly, there is an option to increase crop's number of shipment reqired by the average of that crop's yield (so blueberries would require 3*250 = 750 for silver). This option is disabled by default, as there is no in-game way to tell how many shipments are required for each individual crop.

Known "Bugs":
- Giant crops will not have this mod applied to them. This is because I only change the Crop.harvest function, and nowhere else. So consider Giant Crops a waste of good Iridium-quality crops if you encounter them.
- Price increases are applied to the crop before it stacks, so if you already have a lower-priced crop of the same quality in your inventory, the newly picked up crops will also have the old value. Please get rid of old crops (trash, or ship them the day before) if you plan on harvesting newly-priced ones. This also applies to the Shipping bin and chests/fridges, so if you store them they will lose the new price.

I have tested this mod extensively and with many other mods, and there appear to be no other bugs. However, I haven't tested with mods not compatible with SpaceCore 1.5.1. This works with everything grown by crops, including some which shouldn't , such as Iridium-quality Iron Ore if you have Fantasy Crops installed. Not really a bug, but something to keep in mind.