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In-game map editing tool

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iTile is an in-game tool for editing maps by manipulating their tiles, BUT the current version (beta) of iTile only supports an external-like way of saving data, which basically means, unlike Tiled, it's not suitable for exporting edited map files. iTile only affects the save by loading in its own data, so deleting the mod will wipe out all the changes made to the maps, so your saves should be fine, but it's recommended to do a backup of your save anyway.


At the moment iTile doesn't provide a tile gallery, and the four available actions are: copy, paste, delete and restore a single tile. All can be accessed through the control panel, which can be opened up by pressing the Toggle Panel Key (by default it's ']', can be changed in a config).

In order to directly operate with the tiles, Tile Mode needs to be enabled (the first button). Control panel can also be dragged around by pressing and holding the right mouse on the second button.

Turning Tile Mode on opens up a branch with two new buttons. The first one allows for switching between the available actions, the second one is for choosing a needed layer. Action can be executed by pressing the Action Key (by default it's 'V', can be changed in a config).

And here's iTile in action:

Multiplayer compatibility

The mod is fully multiplayer compatible, both sides have to have this mod installed for changes to be synced. Either way, should any desync happen, clients might need to reconnect to the server. There could be bugs, hence beta, so I'd very much appreciate bug reports.

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Source code
Twitter page of the creator of this amazing pixel art