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Allows friendship points to go below 0. Adds a visual "black heart" in the social menu.

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Allows friendship points to go below 0. Adds a visual "black heart" in the social menu. 

The first blackheart is is shown at -1 to -250 friendship points. Currently, it is set to a maximum of -500 friendship points (which is 3 black hearts).

Now, all of the trash you give to Hailey on her birthday will have a long lasting effect!


This can be used in single-player or multiplayer.
The mod only affects your farmer.

This means the host can have mod installed while no one else does. If he/she does, only the host's farmer will be effected by the mod.

This is also true as a non-host player. A non-host player can have the mod installed, and experience negative friendship, even if the host does not have the mod installed. The file will be saved with negative friendship on the host computer for your farmer even if the host doesn't have the mod installed.

If you EVER turn off the mod and gain or lose ANY friendship with an NPC, they will immediately go to at least 0. This includes going to sleep for the day.


In vanilla Stardew Valley,  a small amount of friendship is lost everyday with people you did not talk to (-2 friendship). This is increased slightly if you are dating or married. At full friendship with a person, this decay is removed. Normally this is not noticed. 

However, with this mod, you friendship can go below 0. "-1" friendship will show the first blackheart. So if you start a new farm, and immediately go to sleep, you will find the Robin and Lewis will have a black heart with you in the morning.

This mod does not change this friendship decay in anyway, except that you can now go below 0.


This mod is to act as a base mod for future mods created by me (and hopefully) other modders. I do not plan to mix content changes (heart events) with this mod, as I would like to allow for flexibility in future mods choices and to keep this mod stable.

TODO: Ensure mod stability as much as I can.
TODO: Share the source code on github
TODO: create a mod which takes advantage of negative friendship to send letter-heart-events. With the intent to allow this mod to act as an example for others wanting to create their own mods.