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A small mod that allows the calendar to show multiple birthdays at once. The hover text lists the NPCs and the calendar cycles through their sprites. You can customize how it cycles in config or GMCM.

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
  • Portuguese
Tries to fix the problem with having multiple NPCs sharing the same birthday. Adds all of the names to the hover text. Also fixes similar problem with festivals and birthdays sharing dates. The calendar also cycles through the NPC sprites who share the birthday. Should work in all supported languages but report if you encouter bugs.


How to use
Hover over the day in the calendar to see who has a birthday that day.

Adds a couple of config options that also work with Generic Mod Config Menu.
  • Cycle Duration: The number of draw calls between changing the sprite.
  • Cycle Type: How the calendar cycles through the sprites. Currently available types are Always (calendar cycles on its own), Click (calendar changes the sprite if you click on it) and Hover (calendar cycles only if you hover over the date).
  • Show Icon: Whether to show the icon that indicates if a birthday is shared between multiple NPCs.

Content Patcher
Version 1.2.3 introduces the ability to edit the indicator icon with Content Patcher. The asset name is "Traktori.ShowBirthdays/Icon" and it's 5x5 pixels.

  • Works with Stardew Valley 1.5 Windows and probably on mac and linux too.
  • Should work in multiplayer.

Known issues
  • Portrait cycling doesn't work in split screen multiplayer if multiple people are looking at the calendar.

See also

  • ItsBenter for the idea of cycling through the sprites and the icon indicator
  • martin66789 for the Hungarian translation