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1.5 added spiders to the challenge mode of the mine, so I retextured them into bears.

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Inspired by aliserh's Spiders Begone mod for Skyrim, this mod for Stardew Valley turns the new jumping spiders in the challenge mode of the mines into bears.

I don't have arachnophobia myself, but I figured something like this might be helpful to have around, whether it'll help by changing the textures to something other than spiders or whether it'll just be fun to have bears jumping around in the mines. Let me know if there's something else I should change about the textures or any other spider textures in the game you'd like to see changed.

This mod does the following:
- changes spider enemy textures in the challenge mode mines to bears
- changes spiderweb textures in the challenge mode mines to orange leaves

There are two versions. One is designed to be used with content patcher and the other is designed to just be installed manually. If you use content patcher, install this mod the same way you would install any other content patcher mod. If you want to manually install the mod by replacing the texture files in your installation of Stardew Valley, download that version of the mod, unzip, and follow the instructions in the included text file.