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Allows you to cherry-pick the sounds you want to hear in game

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About : 

Summer, day 11, ~12:30, walking pasts Robin's house you start to hear that sound of bees buzzing in the summer air, sounds good right?
No, no it doesn't. There are tons of these sounds which can tick you off after hearing them for the 7 millionth time.
That's where sounds patcher comes in, It allows you to check which sound/music tracks are being played and disable them.

How to use : 

The mod uses a normal config file with 2 lists, 1 for sounds and 1 for music
While you can manually add sound and music tracks to these lists, the mod provides an easier way for this.
The mod constantly tracks which sound or which music track is being played and if you don't like it disabling it is just one command away.

The Commands Are :

SP log {music / sound} {current / previous / disabled} : logs the current / previous / all disabled music or sound tracks
SP block {music / sound} {current / previous / (sound name or music name)} : disables the current / previous / selected music or sound track
SP unblock {music / sound} {sound name or music name} : re-enables the selected music or sound track

How to install : 

1. Install Smapi
2. Unzip file and place in the mod folder

Also : 
This mod uses harmony, harmony is prone to giving errors without many details, if something is to happen please send over a log file and it will be dealt with swiftly.