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Mulch is used ahead of time to preserve tilled land before a new season or any other time.

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Mulch is an attempt to add a way to protect tilled soil, both during seasons and through the transitions between them. By 'planting' mulch on tilled soil two days before the end of the season, you can spend 0 energy on sowing day scything the decomposed mulch away to reveal soil you've already tilled.

Functionally, mulch is a 'crop' that takes two days to mature and produces fiber when scythed. If you want to farm fiber, I guess you could  use it for that.

1. Buy mulch starter from Pierre (2g each)
2. Plant mulch starter on tilled land
3. Water mulch for two days (Important!!!! If you fail to water two days before sowing day you'll be stuck axing or picking the mulch out instead of scything it for free)
4. Scythe when ready to plant real crops

  • Because mulch takes two days to grow, it can't replace any crops that need to be harvested on the 28th (needs to be planted on the 27th). What it can do is fill in the spaces in between so you can scythe the mulch and the dead crops away all at once. 
  • Because mulch is a crop, it is probably still vulnerable to crows (untested). Put up some scarecrows or pretend they're ruining it by picking out bugs or something, I dunno.
  • Requires Json Assets

  • If I can find a way to reduce the 'growth' to one day, I will. To my knowledge, JA crops have a minimum growth of two days. 
  • Add the recipe to the recycler and/or wood chipper. I may add recipes to both with the chipper giving a better return
  • Update the sprites-for a first attempt, I guess they're alright. I'd like to make the mulch cover more of the soil so it looks like your farmer knows how mulch actually works

Since I've been asked twice already, the map from the screenshots is Immersive Farm 2  from Stardew Valley Expanded, and the recolor is DaisyNiko's Earthy Recolor (not completely updated for 1.5)

For comments, suggestions, or issues you can either leave one on the posts here or find me in the SDV discord as Jack the Stripper#9228