Stardew Valley
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Makes certain recipes more balanced and/or less grindy.

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Changes many recipes that bothered me and gives Pine Tar/Maple Syrup much needed usage. Everything is configurable, so I'd highly recommended installing Generic Mod Config Menu if you wish to disable/configure any of these recipe changes.

Wild Bait is now 3 Fiber, 2 Slime, 2 Bug Meat. Config options for 5/5/5, 5/3/3, 3/2/2, 2/1/1. (Vanilla: 10 Fiber, 5 Slime, 5 Bug Meat) 
Explosive Ammo is now 3 Copper Ore, 1 Coal. Config options for 4/3/2/1 Ore. (Vanilla: 1 Iron Bar, 2 Coal)
Cherry Bomb is now 2 Copper Ore, 1 Coal. (Vanilla: 4 Copper Ore, 1 Coal)
Bomb is now 2 Iron Ore, 1 Copper Ore, 1 Coal. (Vanilla: 4 Iron Ore, 1 Coal)
Mega Bomb is now 2 Gold Ore, 1 Iron Ore, 1 Solar Essence, 1 Void Essence. (Vanilla: 4 Gold Ore, 1 Solar Essence, 1 Void Essence)
Quality Fertilizer is now 2 Sap, 1 Slime. (Vanilla: 2 Sap, 1 Fish)
Speed-Gro is now 1 Pine Tar, 1 Fish (Vanilla: 1 Pine Tar, 1 Clam)
Deluxe Speed-Grow is now 1 Maple Syrup, 2 Fish (Vanilla: 1 Oak Resin, 1 Coral)
Preserve Jar now requires Pine Tar instead of coal.
Bee House now requires hardwood instead of coal.
Seed Maker now require Maple Syrup instead of coal.

If you have any suggestions for further recipes tweaks please let me know!

Requires Content Patcher.