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A modified portrait for Shiro from the Ridgeside Village mod

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This mod is a lightly modified portrait for Shiro from the Ridgeside Village mod (

I started to play with the RSV mod a bit, but felt like the potential husbands' portraits could use a little love. I tried to keep the style as similar as possible to the style of the original author, and just put my own spin on it.

Some of the changes I made:
- Brought his jawline a bit forward to better define his face shape
- Changed his nose to be less of a long bridged caucasian nose but more flat, since with a name like Shiro I assume he's meant to be Japanese
- Changed his lips and the shape of his mouth to be a bit different from those of the other bachelors' portraits
- Changed his neck and upper body to be a bit more anatomically correct

I haven't played much of the Ridgeside Village mod yet, so I wasn't sure which parts of the portrait would apply to which emotions or moments, so I may need to update this later. One part of the portrait in particular, where Shiro's mouth is open, I wasn't sure if it was meant to be happy or surprise, so I went with a sort of neutral almost surprise (haha). Sorry in advance if it doesn't quite match up properly. Let me know if any of the emotions don't quite match up and I'll edit them.

I've only done Shiro since he was the one I most wanted to pursue, but if there's interest I may do the other bachelors as well.

Ridgeside Village is required, or this will do nothing!
Go to "Stardew Valley\Mods\Ridgeside Village Mod\[CP] Ridgeside Village\assets\Portrait" and replace Shiro.png with my version.

This is my first mod, so thanks for checking it out!