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With this mod everything can be fast forwarded, including all graphical and gameplay elements and run speed. Tired of waiting for things to open at 9am? Fast forward at 7x speed and it will be ready in no time. Press the tilde key (~) for the 7x speedup and semi colon (;) for a 2x speedup.

Permissions and credits
Unlike other time mods this mod calls the games own Update() function multiple times when a keypress is toggled. This ensures all graphical and gameplay elements are "fast forwarded"  properly. All characters will speed up when enabled and their time schedules will not be interfered with. The game is basically tricked into updating more times per seconds than it should which ensures everything is updated correctly. The mod keeps track of the time difference to ensure compatibility with all the code and other mods.

It is helpful for running around the map, fast forwarding certain unskippable cut scenes or avoiding time wasting waiting for certain businesses to open. On days when you want to charge your lightning rods you can run in fast forward mode to the end of the day to ensure you get fully charged.

Since this mod does not interfere with the actual TIME of the game, simply the human perspective of how fast things are running it is not a cheat code. You will run the same distance in "game time" when fast forward is on or not. 

By default there are 2 key presses which can be configured in the config.json to other keys. You can also change how fast each key updates the game. By default the keys TILDE (~) and SEMI COLON (;) will update the game 7x faster and 2x faster respectively. It should be compatible with gamepads also.