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Replaces the farm horse with an elf centaur! Both XNB and Content Patcher versions available!

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Have you ever looked at your monster girl mods and wished that your mare was also cute and fantasy like?

Ever wanted to roam through the valley on the back of a beautiful centaur?

Do you also have a crush on Centorea from Monster Musume?

Well look no more!

This mod replaces the farm horse with a high or dark elf centaur!

The blonde loves carrots (don't know where she gets them)!

The silverhead can't get her hair in place!

With pointy ears and everything!

(Centaur saddle not needed)


Proper credit for the horse animation goes to SerialDollface with the Palomino & Black Forest Bareback animation from the mod Better Horses. You can get that one here

I'm kind of embarased to admit that this mod was created mostly to satisfy my fantasy of riding a centaur in my own monster girl ranch! I know there are other centaur mods out there and even though they are great, they didn't quite cut it for me. So I made my own and then decided to share it!


  1. Go to your animals folder ( ...\Stardew Valley\Content\Animals)
  2. Back up your files (horse.xnb specifically)
  3. Drop the horse.xnb file from this mod into the folder (hit replace if needed)
  4. You are good to ride!

Content Patcher
  1. Go to your Mods folder ( ...\Stardew Valley\Mods)
  2. Drop the [CP] * Elf - Horse Replacement folder file from this mod into the folder
  3. You are good to ride!


  • The animation while riding front looks a little cropped since the space for the face in the sprite sheet is very reduced. I looked for ways to fix it but couldn't do anything in the end. 
  • You can't put hats on them (well you can~ but it doesn't look right) don't know how to fix this either.
  • For some users the centaurs don't show up when using the content patcher version.