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Adds two new keybindings to adjust the zoom level past the game limit with a simple config file to change the zoom amount and zoom caps.

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Based on the Zoom Level Keybind, this is a updated version with extra configurations of that mod.

You can increase zoom level with , (comma) and decrease it with . (period).
By holding Left Shift or Right Shift and using the controls above, you can change the UI Scale.
If you use a controller, you can also adjust it by pressing the left stick to decrease the zoom and right stick to increases the zoom.
By holding Left Trigger & Right Trigger and using the controls above, you can change the UI Scale.


1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.
2. Unzip the mod folder into your Stardew Valley/Mods.
3. Run the game using SMAPI.


In the mod folder open the file config.json:

  • "IncreaseZoomOrUI": the keys that increases the Zoom or UI
  • "DecreaseZoomOrUI": the key that decreases the zoom or UI
  • "HoldToChangeUIKeys": the key that you need to hold to change the UI instead of the zoom
  • "SuppressControllerButton": when set to "true" it only changes the zoom level with the controller button and "false" to let the game also handle the button press
  • "ZoomLevelIncreaseValue": How much to increase the zoom level (needs to be a positive number)
  • "ZoomLevelDecreaseValue": How much to decrease the zoom level (needs to be a negative number)
  • "MaxZoomOutLevelAndUIValue": The zoom out value cap (default at 35%)
  • "MaxZoomInLevelAndUIValue": The zoom in value cap (default at 200%)

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