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Modular edits for customization and compatibility.

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Hello! I'm a fledgling modder, but I'm obsessed with the maps in this game, and I love modding in new ones, but I can get nitpicky. Sometimes I just want one change, and sometimes I want everything changed except one thing. This mod aims to make every map in the game customizable to some degree, even interiors. Right now only a few maps are changed

This mod was made with Generic Mod Config Menu it in mind, and this mod can be difficult to use without it. Simply install the mod and click the gear on the title menu to use it. Everything is disabled by default, so this mod isn't plug and play.

You don't need to install all the folders, only the ones that contain changes that you want.

It should work with multiplayer, just make sure everyone has the same settings and you should be fine.

These only use default sprites, so they should work with any sprite editing mods no problem.

Please give me ideas for modules. It's fine if they conflict with other modules, since they are all optional anyways. I'll do my best to ensure user error can't get in the way.

You may encounter problems with bushes. This mod adds no bushes (At the moment) so if you want to remove them any mod that removes them will work. There is no need to create a new save file.

Currently there are

3 Modules for the town
1 Module for the default farm
10 Modules for the beach farm

I also plan on making modular edits for:
Houses/Cabins and Cellars
Sheds, Coops, and Barns
The rest of the farms
A few other areas (Mine entrance, desert, bus stop)