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Some of the new Beach Outfits look very off, so I fixed them to match their regular sprites and portraits better. Sam, Harvey, Sebastian, the bachelorettes, etc etc.

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The new beach outfit is super fun. However... whoever did the beach sprites... idk. They don't match the rest of the sprites, in my opinion. So I've fixed it!

  • Jodi and Sam have had their chins restored
  • Marnie no longer looks like... that. She now has weight on her bones in a way that doesn't feel.. meanspirited, tbh. (they did her so dirty..)
  • Harvey doesn't look.. like that (seriously, whoever sprited him did him so dirty..), and looks extremely handsome (in my opinion)
  • The girls no longer have kangaroo legs/legs that look broken.
  • Sebastian is no longer extremely wide for no reason
  • Clint is now actually wearing the swim trunks he mentions in his dialogue, instead of a speedo
  • Alex has options to make him more muscular in his OW sprite, and also one where is hair is a better match for his portrait.
  • Other minor portrait tweaks
  • Other minor sprite tweaks

Every character has a switch, so it should hopefully be compatible with a lot of portrait and sprite mods.

I think thats it?

Let me know if there's anything else y'all'd like to see!

If you want to (no pressure), you can buy me a coffee! ko-fi.com/girafarig