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Changing (I hope) all instances of gold to titanium.

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For as long as I've played Stardew, my wife has told me that gold is a very soft metal that wouldn't be good for heavy duty tools. I made this mod that changes what I hope is every instance* of gold to titanium, which is a very hard metal according to google. 

Now including a reskinned titanium scythe, which you can disable if you wanted to use a different scythe reskin mod. Just edit the config file (generated after launching with the mod installed) if you wish to disable the recoloured scythe. I personally tested with the iridium scythe mod installed and had no trouble.

To install, just unzip the .zip into your mods folder and you're good to go.

Thank you to Krinzi for the Russian translation!

Update 30/12/2020: Updated to include the new rock crabs and fix Secret Note #4.
Update 31/12/2020: Fixed an error I made that meant tools were not renamed.
Update 30/03/2021: I have now updated to include the golden scythe, and fixed the trash can not changing in the menu.

*Every instance except the Gold Brazier, whose name is hard-coded into the English version of the game. I've changed the sprite to match but it's still called "Gold Brazier".