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Replaces the default wizard portraits with the wizard from Harvest Moon: Animal Parade. With 12 portraits to support the latest update for Romanceable Rasmodius (which uses 9 portraits) and the SVE version of Romanceable Rasmodius (which uses 12). Now has optional matching wizard children.

Permissions and credits
This is an expansion of TheMainFlamingoose's Harvest Moon Wizard Replacement to add an addition 7 expressions (an additional 10 for the SVE version). A recent update of Romanceable Rasmodius - Narrative Overhauled and Marriageable Wizard added support for 9 portraits, so this allows the use of the Harvest Moon wizard with the latest update. 

Unlike the original, this mod uses Content Patcher. Additionally, the sprites have been fixed to work correctly with up-to-date Romanceable Rasmodius cutscenes. 

Be sure to remove any other CP mods that replace the wizard's portrait or sprites when installing this one, or there will be conflicts!

As of version 1.1.0, you'll have the option to turn on wizard babies. This is a recolor of iakora's Babies Take After Spouse to match the Harvest Moon wizard's coloring. Set "Wizard Babies" to true in the config to use wizard children. There are three skin colors: Lighter, Medium, and Darker. As with Babies Take After Spouse, female toddlers can have pigtails or hairbuns and male toddlers can have messy or combed hair.