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I've been generally unhappy with oversized and greedy maps, and crippled by the small cute maps. Thus, I decided to make maps that fit somewhere in the middle.

Introducing, The Modest Maps!

The Modest Farm Map is a vanilla Standard farm designed for ample space, without sacrificing the aesthetic of it.

Permissions and credits

  • Content Patcher
  • Yep. That's it.

The Modest Farm Map is a redesigned Standard Farm, meant to capitalize on the space provided with the vanilla map, with a few tweaks here and there for added support.

  • A backyard with a doghouse and ample space for Sheds/Obelisks/Stables/Tractors!
  • A working water trough in said backyard.
  • A pond in the lower right corner for refilling water far from the trough, as well as a great crab pot farm.
  • A cut out in the cliffs, designed to fit a Shed or slime Hutch.
  • A final pond, in the farthest reach of the farm, perfect for gathering water, farming crab pots, or general beautification!

If you like my work or have found an issue, I'd love for you to let me know in the POSTS! This is the first mod I've ever posted to the nexus, or put so much effort into, so I'd appreciate the support!

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