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Provides non-interactive image recoloring. Requires ContentPatcher.

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Provides the token ImageEd/Recolor which takes an image to recolor and optionally a mask and a desaturation mode. The final image loaded by ContentPatcher is created as following:

  • The source image is loaded, either from content pack or from game content.
  • A sub image of the source image is extracted using the given mask. If no mask is given, a copy is created.
  • The extracted sub image is optionally desaturized using the given mode (HSV, HSL, HSI or Luma, see HSL_and_HSV for details on the algorithms).
  • The desaturized image is multiplied with the given color.
  • The result is written to disk so it can loaded by ContentPatcher.

ImagEd/Recolor takes up to 8 arguments:

  1. Content pack that uses recoloring. This is usually the content pack that contains the current config.json but a custom CP token doesn't have that information so we must provide it.
  2. Asset name.
  3. Source image or "gamecontent" to load a vanilla asset.
  4. Mask image or "none". Mask is supposed to be a grayscale image so we always desaturate it (mode is DesaturateLuma).
  5. Blend color in #RRGGBB format ([Hex triplet]( The non-standard format #RRGGBBAA is supported to set an alpha value.
  6. Desaturation mode: DesaturateHSV, DesaturateHSL, DesaturateHSI, DesaturateLuma or None. This is an optional argument, default is None.
  7. Flip mode: FlipHorizontally, FlipVertically, FlipBoth or None. This is an optional argument, default is None. Attention: This feature is not useful in most cases, especially not for NPCs. The whole image is flipped so if you flip a sprite sheet all sprite indexes are wrong afterwards. Also keep in mind that the flipped image is always a combination of base image and overlay because flipping an overlay without its base image wouldn't make sense. Nonetheless you can do cool things with flipping. You have been warned :-)
  8. Brightness: Float value that will be multiplied with the extracted image before color blending. Use a value bigger than 1.0 to brighten the image. This is an optional argument, default is 1.0.

Source code and examples on GitHub

For a mod that actually uses this, see Random Flower Queen