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An additional Vibrant Pastoral Recolor content pack for full compatibility with Stardew Valley Expanded v1.12. REQUIRES either VPR or grapeponta's Vanilla Interiors; this mod does not work by itself!

Permissions and credits
An add-on mod for use of Vibrant Pastoral Recolor or grapeponta's Vanilla Interiors with Stardew Valley Expanded v1.12. This pack recolors SVE's custom tilesheets so they match with the recolored vanilla sprites from VPR! I've done some basic tests with this mod, but since I personally don't use SVE I may or may not have missed a couple things here and there. Feedback is much appreciated ?

  1. Download SVE & follow its instructions to install.
  2. Download and install either VPR or my Vanilla Interiors.
  3. Download and install this mod.

Config Options
  • Outdoors: recolors SVE's outdoor assets. (true/false; true by default)
  • Building Exteriors: recolors SVE building exteriors. (true/false; true by default)
  • Interiors: recolors SVE's indoor assets. (true/false; true by default)
  • Green Fall: switches fall's terrain from orange to green. (true/false; true by default)
  • Snow Overlays: adds snow onto fences & debris in winter. made to match with SVE's seasonal edits. (true/false; true by default)
  • Seasonal Maps: recolors the map to match the seasons.
- options: grandpa_Fence, grandpa_noFence, immersive, off (depending on which farm you use)
- grandpa_Fence by default

  • FlashShifter for greenlighting this recolor compatibility mod
  • kaog1992 for the Grandpa's Farm seasonal maps
Mod(s) used in the preview gallery, aside from SVE & VPR: Elle's creature reskinscometkins' item reskins