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Approximately 50 different quests are added.
From spring of the first year to winter of the second year, you can receive 5 to 7 quests a month by mail.

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Hi :)
 I was bored because I did so many StardewValley quests.
So I created a mode to add quests.
This mode adds approximately 50 quests of a type similar to vanilla.
From spring of the first year to winter of the second year, you can receive 5 to 7 quests by mail every month.
There are many different types of quests, such as crop harvesting, bringing items, and finding lost items.

In this mode, quests come from a fixed date of the first spring. So the mod won't work well if you use it on a character you've already played. Starting a new save file is required.

This mode currently has Korean and English subtitles.
I can't speak English well. There must be a lot of misinterpretations because I made the English version with the help of Google Translator.

The English subtitles in my mode are not perfect, so I would appreciate it if anyone could change the English translation smoothly.

* When you update this mod, please update after clear the added quests from this mod *

[ Required mod ]
Content Patcher

[ Installation ]

1. Install the required mods above.
2. Download the 'More Quests' file in the attachment and extract it.
3. After extracting, place the'[CP] More Quests' and'[MFM] More Quests' files in the Mods folder.

[ Noted Items ]

1. Catch the Spring Legend fish after the arrival of the related quests after the second year.
2. The delivery quest must give NPC the same grade item.

My mod is based on Horanghwa's Add Question form.

Thank you ! : )