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This is the mode in which you receive dance requests from NPCs in Flower Dance.
Currently, Korean,French,English is supported.

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I am Korean. Using a translator, English can be awkward.

This is the mode of receiving dance requests from Abigail,Penny,Maru,Leah,Haley,Emily,Shane,Elliott,Alex,Harvey,Sam,Sebastian.
Talk to them and get a dance request.
Currently, Korean,French,English is supported.

If you have a translation, you can submit it to me or upload it yourself.

If you have any questions or errors, please leave an error log at

Thank you.

If you true Honorificoption in Config, NPC will apply and answer in honorific language, and if you use false, NPC will apply and answer informally.
and when we true Lewisoption in Config, we set Lewis to answer with honorifics.

French translation of 1oviu has been added.

English translation of AirynS has been added.

Add XNB version.
Only ko-KR version present (Korean)