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Replaces any mentions of "farmer" or "farm" in reference to the player or their home with whatever you desire.

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  • Korean
Are you using a mod that replaces the need to farm, want to roleplay an OC, or simply have a non-farming play style? Are you tired of having people label you a farmer when you most certainly are not? With this mod, you can correct their errors by replacing any mentions of being a farmer, or owning a farm, in reference to you with whatever you desire.

  • Replace any use of "farmer" in reference to the player with whatever you want.
  • Replace any use of "farm" in reference to the player's farm with whatever you want.
  • Patched for Stardew Valley Expanded

Planned Features
  • Translations for every language currently supported by the vanilla game.
  • A patch for Canon-Friendly Dialogue Expansion.
  • Alternative starts/introduction scenes (probably a few made with a specific job in mind, but can still be used for others.)
  • Potentially add some extra mechanics to allow people to better play less farming-related jobs?
  • Add a shop building that you can build on your farm to sell products to NPCs with.

  1. Download the mod and place it in your mods folder.
  2. Load the game and open the config in the Generic Mod Config Menu.
  3. Follow the instructions listed in the config menu. (The instructions only appear if you hover over the name of the corresponding option.)
  4. Done! Go nuts working your brand new job. :3

This mod is incompatible with any mod that alters the same SPECIFIC LINES of dialogue as this mod. This mod does NOT replace entire files, it just edits portions of them. For mods that add dialogue containing "farmer" or "farm" in reference to the player, patches can be requested, and I will try my best to make them.

If I have missed any dialogue containing "farmer" or "farm" in reference to the player, please screenshot it and send it to me via the bug reports tab of this mod page.


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