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Fully customise the penalty for dying and passing out. Includes some extra options for added difficulty if desired.

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Custom Death Penalty Plus

An upgraded version of CatCattyCat's Customizable Death Penalty Mod that includes more customisation. As of 1.1.0 the pass out penalty is also fully customisable.

Version 1.5.1
- Generic Mod Config Menu support added thanks to Ayalfishey!

Version 1.5.0
- Now with translation support. Feel free to translate the mod and send me the files for addition (best place to reach me is on the mod page). Full credit given, obviously!
- Added Italian, Spanish and French, thanks to AlixNauts!

Using the config, it is possible to:

Death penalty
- Disable item loss
- Set a capped amount of money to lose (money lost will never be greater than this value)
- Set a percentage of money, health and/or energy to restore

Pass out penalty
- Set a capped amount of money to lose (money lost will never be greater than this value)
- Set a percentage of money and/or energy to restore

Other penalties
- Set a more realistic penalty for dying
- Set a friendship change with Harvey and Maru (separately)
- Make the place you end up after dying a little more variable than either Harvey's or the mines (this won't work in split-screen)
- Apply a random debuff on death for 60 seconds (on Ginger Island the debuff is always "Burnt")

By default:

Death penalty
- Item loss is disabled
- Money loss is capped at 500g
- Amount of money restored is 95% 
- Amount of health restored is 50%
- Amount of energy restored is 10%

Pass out penalty
- Money loss is capped at 500g
- Amount of money restored is 95% 
- Amount of energy restored is 50%

Other penalties
- Waking up in the clinic the next day is disabled
- No friendship change for Harvey and Maru
- Different warp locations are disabled
- No debuffs will be applied

Using this mod:

- To install, simply unzip the download file into your Mods folder. SMAPI must be installed
- The game must be run at least once with the mod to generate the config file. This is then found in the CustomDeathPenaltyPlus folder
- For older Stardew Valley users, the latest version of the mod will not work with Stardew Valley 1.4. Custom Death Penalty Plus 1.2.2 is the latest version that will support Stardew Valley 1.4 This is found in the old files section under the files tab.

Accepted config values:
- When modifying the config file, any percentages should be given in decimal form (e.g 50% is 0.50). These are the percentages to restore, not lose
- RestoreItems will take a value of true or false
- WakeupNextDayinClinic will take a value of true or false
- MoneyLossCap will only take a positive whole number, 0 included
- HarveyFriendshipChange and MaruFriendshipChange will take a whole number, 0 included. Don't worry about setting the value too low, friendship lost will never be more than the current friendship level (250 = 1 heart)
- IMPORTANT: MoreRealisticWarps and WakeupNextDayinClinic conflict and so cannot both be true. The mod will disable MoreRealisticWarps if both are true.

Additional Information:
- The mod will detect if a value is invalid and use the default value to avoid issues. Generally, the percentage values should be between 0 and 1 to be valid
- The mod makes some minor changes to the PlayerKilled event and some mail entries that may be overwritten by other mods, penalties should still apply even if this occurs.
- Friendship changes will apply if you wake up in the clinic, this includes when WakeupNextDayinClinic is true. It only applies on Tuesdays and Thursdays for Maru.
- MoreRealisticWarps will warp you to the entrance of the Skull Cavern if you die in the Skull Cavern and your farmhouse if you die on your farm (this includes the farmhouse and the farmcave)
- Version 1.3.0 introduced console commands which allow the config values to be changed and viewed from the SMAPI console. See the README on github for a list of commands.
-  With GMCM, the mod will not allow MoreRealisticWarps and WakeUpNextDayInClinic to be true at the same time despite it being possible to do in the menu. The mod will disable MoreRealisticWarps when the menu is saved.

The best place to post about issues and bugs is on this mod page. You can also reach me on discord at themightyamondee

Available in:
  • Italian, thanks to AlixNauts!
  • Spanish, thanks to AlixNauts!
  • French, thanks to AlixNauts!
  • Chinese, thanks to KarnieSAMA! (found under optional files)

Credit to CatCattyCat for creating Customizable Death Penalty. The mod this is based on.
Check it out at here

Source code