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Customize villager names in game!

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This mod lets you replace almost any villager names in the Stardew Valley using Pathoschild's Content Patcher.  It shouldn't interfere with other mods unless they also modify names or add dialogue. I will not take full credit for this mod as I did use OkaMoez's Villager Name Replacer as a starting point when creating this mod. I simply just added in a lot more functionality with this mod since the original was very limited to just normal character dialogue and the NPC Dispositions.

Would like to give a huge thank you and shoutout to OkaMoez for creating the original Villager Name Replacer mod and allowing me to upload this one!

Download and install Pathoschild's Content Patcher if you don't have it already
Download the Villager Name Replacer UPDATED
Unpack the contents of the archive to your .../StardewValley/Mods folder
Open .../StardewValley/Mods/Villager Name Replacer UPDATED/content.json with a text editor (such as Notepad)
Please read through the content.json file of this mod to learn how to apply name changes! Hope to have a better tutorial up soon
Save the changes after you have made them to apply them
Launch the game and enjoy!

What The Original Mod Did:

Changed names in the standard villager dialogue
Changed the display names under the villager portrait during a conversation
Changed the display names on the relationship screen


Improvements From The Original:
Added function to change names in ALL events
Added function to change names in ALL festivals
Added function to change names in ALL extra dialogue
Added function to change names in ALL mail
Added function to change names in ALL secret notes

Other file text added to make name changes

Added the following NPCs  which are now compatible for name changes in almost every scenario:

ny spots I've missed, please let me know! Be sure to let me know what is being said in the dialogue and by who so I can find it much easier to fix. Thanks to all of you who have downloaded so far!

Current Issues:
  • I haven't gone through all the game files to see where I may have missed some names so there's a chance I missed a few!
  • I have removed most (or all unless I missed some) instances of "nicknames" from the dialogue (This isn't really an issue, just letting you know) 
  • This will not make changes in Stardew Valley Expanded, the new single player cutscene added to Immersive Farm 2 Remastered in the beginning of the game, or any other mod that adds extra dialogue, events, festivals, characters, ...etc. If I can find the time, I will be working on a solution to this in some form.