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About this mod

This is divided into two versions: male role and female role,Choosing different roles will face different NPC personalities.
At present, there is only Chinese version(目前只有中文版本)

Permissions and credits
  • English

重要讯息 Important

  • 请不要用于任何商业用途
  • 请不要在其他平台/论坛发布我的作品,也不可二传
  • Do not use it for any commercial purposes.
  • Please do not publish it in other websites / forum.
  • 贡献与出处 Credits

    配偶房和角色房间的图块集 - 版权归DustBeauty本人拥有
    人物头像 - 王鲁77太太绘制
    原版人物头像 - Elonaplus太太绘制(版本因Picrew方面版权原因,无法在N网上线)
    人物新版行走图 - 梧眠太太绘制——和艾利欧特更相似!(作者制作的行走图基于艾利欧特的行走图美化,而不是原版)
    Tilesheet for spouse room and character's room - fully belongs to DustBeauty
    Portrait (Current) - drawn by 王鲁77
    Portrait (Original, but not included in Nexus) - drawn by Elonaplus
    New character sprite (Optional download, which uses Elliott's sprite as foundation) - drawn by 由梧眠

    安装说明 Install Instructions

  • 把人物头像从 [CP]Ulysses/assets 放进高清头像里使用(要把名字改成Ulysses)
  • 使用人物新版行走图的话,就放进 [CP]Ulysses/assets/Sprites.png 来用
  • Copy and paste everything to the Stardew Valley/Mods folder
  • Copy (not Cut!) the Portraits.png from [CP]Ulysses/assets to your folder in Portraiture and rename it to Ulysses.png
  • (Optional) If you're using the new sprite created by 由梧眠, replace the Sprites.png located in [CP]Ulysses/assets
  • 故事背景 Story Background
    It will be based on a dispute between the Wizard's Association and Church. As one of the countless victims, he is sent to assassinate the wizard in Stardew Valley. The story will involve you trying to save him.

    人物档案 Character Profile
  • 2500❤No.2事件/离婚后消失
  • 2500❤event-分支1事件后人物改名并可婚(SVE版本是2500❤LOVE事件后)
  • 不会参加除了月光水母之舞以外的任何节日
  • 人物对话选项请慎重选择否则将不会触发任何一个十心事件=人物永远不可婚,除非你改存档/改MOD
  • 人物房间入口在格斯的房间—需要格斯两心好感
  • He will disappear after divorce or 2500❤No.2 Event.
  • His name will change after 2500❤event#Branch1 ( 2500❤Love for SVE), making him eligible for marriage
  • He will not attend all festivals except for Dance of the Moonlight Jellies
  • Please pay extra attention in answering his prompted question or you may risk being locked out from his 10 hearts event (which also stops you from being able to marry him). The choice is irreversible unless you change your save file or modify the mod itself.
  • The door to Ulysses room is located in Gus' room, so you will need Gus to be at 2 hearts.
  • 注意事项 Notice
    六:人物对话部分引用: "百年孤独" 马尔克斯,卞之琳 "断章" ,顾城 "麦田" ,叶芝 "柳园" 等,并非作者原创

    1. Can be used for both SDV and SVE, so long as you install the right version. You can choose to play as male or female role, though the story of female role are more completed (as it is written for that gender in the beginning.
    2. Ulysses is Elliott's younger twin brother.
    3. It's difficult to build Ulysses' friendship point due to his gift preference
    4. Almost every choice in dialogue or event will determine Ulysses' fate. Please choose carefully.
    5. He can be dated and married, if you succeed in making the right choices
    6. Some of his dialogues are referenced from "One Hundred Years of Solitude" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, "The part of article" by BianZhilin, "Down by the Salley Garden" by William Butler Yeats, "Wheat field" by Gu Cheng, and more.
    7. The dialogues will refer to real life locations.
    8. Highly recommended to be played with Who's Wizard Portrait, as wizard's expression in dialogue are based on that.
    9. He has a total of 22 events, if you include all branches. Some may be exluded depending on the gender role and version you're playing.
    10. There will be extra events if you make certain choices in an event.

    人物喜好 Preference

    人物行程 Schedule

    事件 Events
    SVE-女性角色版本:其他版本有删减 | For SVE female role: some are excluded for other versions

    翻译 Translation
    Anyone is allowed to translate my mod but you need to private message me first. I won't be reading the comments most of the time.
    !!A translation suggestion Important!!

    You can't get donations from translation.
    Part of the material of this module doesn't belong to me. I don't have the right to promise whether you can get donations

    *If you found any bug, you are free to report it to me for fixes.

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