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What if you want to become Meguca, but Hameru said, no Meduka - the Movie

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Meguca Meduka, with pixelated pictures and bad bgm choice, in your local Stardew Valley theatre!

WARNING: 100+ frames long, yes! Normal movie in SDV only have like ~10 frames, this one is 100+ and most frames got dialogues, so be careful and be prepared to sit through it, cuz there is no skip button

No reaction or dialogues from NPC if you invite an NPC along because I can't make it work yet (however, if you change the "season" in content.json to "FixedMovieID" : "spring_movie_0", it will replace the original spring movie and take on that movie's reaction)

Check out the original Meguca for better context:

Spoiler warning for Puella Magi Madoka Magica... maybe... the pictures are so pixelated I don't even know if you are gonna get spoil watching this lol
Anyway, go watch the original Madoka too, it was a masterpiece

Note: "Rabu" means love in badly spoken Japanese

Upcoming: getting voice from the video into the custom movie (not the bgm, cuz they are copyrighted legit Madoka bgm lol but I guess the VA can work)

So yeah, for those who don't know about Meguca, it's a parody of Madoka Magica 6 minutes long video with English voice over in corrupted sentences and weird names pronounce, also with incomprehensible noise, but it still conveys the storyline perfectly (bias opinion). I don't know if anyone who have never watch Madoka can understand Meguca or not, but I swear it's a good laugh.